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Going Offshore
"An Introduction"

What is Offshore
How Much Does It Cost
Setting Your Objectives
Tax Avoidance v Tax Evasion
Security Matters
Tax & Asset Planning

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Welcome to our Offshore Pages - we're certain that you'll find something here to interest you, but before you go on to read further, we'd like to point out that several of these sections are quite long and contain considerable detail.

Now please feel free to browse this site at your leisure, starting below. We're certain you will find much of value.

What Is Offshore

'Offshore' is a word that to many people conveys the image of indolent lifestyles, golden tropical beaches, luxury villas and yachts and riches beyond imagination! True for a very few, extremely lucky individuals who have really 'made it', but 'Going Offshore' for the vast majority of ordinary people is nothing as dramatic. Really nothing more than careful, very careful, planning.

In its simplest terms, Going Offshore means nothing more than putting your money outside the country where you live and work in order to save tax. Oh if only life was so simple, but then we'd be out of a job for a start.

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How Much Does It Cost

Another popular misconception about 'Going Offshore' is that it can cost you a great deal of money to do so. Well, yes, you can pay a fortune to those companies who will gladly take your money from you, but that needn't be the case. Here at we can form you a totally secure and anonymous offshore company, complete with Bearer Shares and a Corporate Nominee Director, an offshore bank account, an international offshore VISA card for an special price ( please contact us for further details )

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Setting Your Offshore Objectives

No-one wants to pay more tax than is absolutely necessary, and with Governments worldwide becoming more and more bureaucratic and greedy, spending untold billions on self-centred and wasteful projects, it's no wonder that more and more people are looking for a 'way out'. Not just the rich nowadays, but the average man in the street is looking more and more towards putting at least some of his hard earned cash out of reach of the tax man. Call it prudence if you like, but where ever you live, we can guarantee that within a few minutes you can think of a dozen ways in which your Government is wasting your hard earned and heavily taxed money.

We feel that it is important however that you set out your objectives before going offshore. Different people in different countries will undoubtedly have different objectives, but for a start, consider the following:-

To protect a percentage of your income from income taxes
To protect a percentage of your profits from capital taxes
To protect capital gains from capital gains taxes
To delay any taxation
To pay no tax - usually illegal - evasion, not avoidance

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Tax & Asset Planning

A few call it selfish, a few more call it immoral, but we and the overwhelming majority call tax avoidance - not tax evasion - good planning. Indeed several renowned British Law Lords and US Senators have gone on record in the past stating that:

"It is ever man's duty to arrange his affairs to pay the least possible tax he legally can."

. Mind you, those same peers have also gone on record to say:

"It is also the Government's duty to ensure that it collects the maximum tax it legally can."

It is our opinion, and that of many like minded individuals throughout the world, that, whilst we must pay lip service to that word 'legally', Governments have exceeded their democratic duties by so wide a margin that "it is every man's duty to arrange his life to both pay the least possible tax he can and to minimise his Government's intrusion in to his private affairs".

These pages will tell you just how to do that.

Whether you have just a few dollars, pounds, deutsch marks, lira, francs..... saved away for a 'rainy day', whether you have investments bringing you unearned income, whether you are self-employed or own a small business or whether you are already rich, we here at Island Management Services can help you save money, lower your financial profile and, depending on yourself, "stick two fingers up to the tax man". Perhaps an offshore company or two, an offshore bank account and maybe an offshore VISA card are just what you need.

Perhaps you have assets others are only too keen to try to take from you, greedy family, demanding ex-wives, disgruntled clients or patients all to keen to sue. Maybe then you're looking for an offshore trust to protect your assets and future.

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Tax Avoidance v Tax Evasion

A word of warning. We fully realise that many of our Clients use their offshore company, trust or bank account, either knowingly or unknowingly, for tax evasion, not just tax avoidance. Whatever our personal and corporate views on 'Big Brother Governments' may be, and even by now they should be plain enough, we cannot openly condone tax evasion. Whilst the odds of someone who is careful in arranging their affairs getting caught by the tax man is quite small, especially if they heed our sometimes 'between the lines' warnings concerning security, privacy and how matters can sometimes be 'arranged', that chance does exist, and the penalties in some jurisdictions can be quite severe.

If it is your intention to evade tax, however obvious that may be from what we do for you, please don't openly tell us and put us in a difficult situation, i.e., knowingly helping someone break the laws of their country. We feel it is important that you also read our security section, following, since it contain useful information.

We are quite aware that fingers are likely to be pointed at us in light of the above statement when we openly promote anonymous offshore bank accounts and a means of getting your money there without a direct paper trail. OK, we agree a few Clients may use these facilities for illegal purposes, but many, many more will do so simply to ensure their personal financial privacy, which we are happy to assist them with.

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Security Matters

Despite what many people who 'go offshore' think, it's not just the stability and security of the jurisdiction where their company is registered that is of importance. It is of vital importance to the beneficial owners of offshore companies and trusts that there is stability and security within the formation company they use.

Whilst we do not decry any of our competitors, can assure all their Clients, existing and prospective, that any of the minimal records we do store are kept totally confidential and that it would take a court order to force us to reveal even the location. It would then take a further court order within that jurisdiction itself to make us reveal the content of those records. We have been assured by our lawyers that for such an order to be made, a prima facia case of either money laundering, drug smuggling or terrorism/illegal arms dealing within that jurisdiction itself would have to be proven. Tax cases would not stand a chance! We should also point out that the computers which hold our web site, our administrative records, our client records and our company formation details are all in different countries.

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